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On 13 & 14 May 2022 the 28th Wormser Reklame-Auktion
will take place over two auction days!


The online catalog is now available with over 4500 close-up pictures
and all lots can be bid online as well as by using our bidding sheet!




Originals Only


Will be an exclusive Collector’s-marketplace, serving as an interactive auction & sales platform for collectors, dealers & auction houses. Only goods that are deemed as original by the platform will be offered.

What’s coming up?

28th Wormser Reklame-Auktion

Our submissions are now closed for the weekend of the 13th and 14th May.
You can expect two great auction days!

If you already have interest in consigning items for our 29th auction in September just send us a short E-mail with pictures of the objects to info@reklame-auction.de and we will get back to as soon as possible!


How can you join the auction?


you can join the auction live on site as a registered hall bidder and take home any product after payment.

17% provision on surcharges (including value-added tax)


you can view the auction catalog on this website, 2 weeks prior to the auction date.

17% provision on surcharges (including value-added tax), plus 5% online-fees


Through our bid-form, provided on our website you can enter your written bids/bid wishes and send them to us signed prior to the auction – we accept Fax/Mail and postal inquiries

only 17% provision on surcharges (including value-added tax)

Committal and particularities of our auction house


We are always on the lookout for high quality vintage advertising material for our coming Auctions, which will be held a total of 4 times throughout the year.
  • rare ENAMEL-, TIN-, or GLASS-signs
  • old Wares and slot machines, or

  • vintage tin cans, posters and advertising figures in good condition


We are known for selling your set pieces with 90% minimum sale quotas of customary market prices.
Discover interesting new vintage objects in our ornately handcrafted auction catalog.


Does your collection consist of special vintage pieces or do you possess a substantial collection?
We offer appraisal service of your special sets either at your own doorstep or come pick it up for further examination. We also offer the possibility of dedicating a special auction to your collection only if you own an extensive number of vintage products!

Additional Info

One-of-a-kind Atmosphere

Enjoy the unmistakable atmosphere of our venue, the venerable halls of a local power plant. The industrial charm, combined with the display of vintage commercial products creates an atmosphere that is one-of-a-kind.


you have the option of getting a detailed view of all the objects In the midst of ancient turbines, or while attending the old boiler house under a clear blue sky, depending on where the auctions are held. During the auction, we only take cash payments – we also accept invoices. In this case, we do reserve the right to hold on to the item, until the payment has gone through. After which the product will be sent immediately to your doorstep

A very unique atmosphere

In front of the Hall, there is a spacious parking lot, which is visited fairly early, by all sorts of auctioneers and visitors, who give handshakes and establish trunk-sales out of thin air. If, in any case, you don’t have the option to come visit the auction on site, we also offer the possibilty of writing in, phoning in, or watching live online, joining the auction through various options provided.

Some of our past auctions…

VI. Special auction - A Late-Summer-Event

After one year, the time has finally come and we were able to return to live auctions on-location – a truly fitting re-entry with Jürgen Zeller’s collection.

Our concept of holding a 2-day auction with a free-of-charge parking lot market, including a food truck and wine bar afterwards received overwhelmingly positive receptions – there was browsing and haggling continuing late into Saturday night – a real celebration cause for Wormser Reklame.



The 26. Wormser Reklame-Auction


An auction for everybody, regardless if you’re highlight-collector or new to the scene – with over 950 lots it was the biggest auction held over the past 10 years.
Not only that – at the same time this auction was the most lucrative one ever held on german grounds.



V. Sonderauktion - Posters / Plakate / Affiche

A Post-Summary
As we received this private collection a little over 3 months ago, we knew that something special would come of it. After we bested the challenges 2020 had in store for us, we have luckily mustered up the courage to add this collection to our first special auction. At the start of the auction week we would’ve never thought it possible to be able to get back to a 100% sales quota – even with every lot roughly going for the estimated values.
Prior to the auction, we have bested a rough journey. we had to create capacities. Nt only time-wise, but also finding space – all the while having to prepare our other 26th scheduled auction and not falling behind on that. Day and night, we packed, viewed, restored, photographed, and so on. Sometimes these long work hours even came to visit us in our dreams.
All in all we want to say we did everything right. At long last, it was up to you guys to be the judge of that. Because of this we tip our hats to you – we are proud to be part of such a lively scene on the come-up.



The 25. Wormser Reklame-Auktion

100% SALES QUOTA, EVEN IN 2020!!!

After a real auction-Marathon during our anniversary-auction, we can only be thankful for the scene, it was truly remarkable!
Every single one of our auctions held this year will forever one-of-a-kind – all of them offered a completely unique and truly special auction-experience.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your outstanding participation! It was a real pleasure, holding this auction for you all.



A Late-Summer-Event: The IV. Sonderauktion


Fellow Collectors,

Unfortunately, our LATE-SUMMER-EVENT is already history – still, we won’T be forgetting it for a long time.

During a beautiful late summer day, over 200 hall-bidders came and sat in our Open-Air hall and created, in combination with our countless online- and phone-bidders, a magically competitive atmosphere. Not only were the surcharge-prices of some lots exceptional but also the overall mood was spectacular.

The concept was definitely met with a positive reception and will be reproduced next year for sure with alterations.